Top Bitcoin Sites

August 2018

FreeBitcoin Bitcoin Faucet VISIT SITE
CryptoTab Bitcoin Browser Miner VISIT SITE
4. Ojooo Bitcoin paid to click ads VISIT SITE
5. Faucet Hub Bitcoin Micropayment Service
Web browser mining
6. Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet
7. Kickass Traffic Bitcoin PTS Paid to Surf VISIT SITE

FAQ Bitcoin Sites

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Answer: A bitcoin faucet allows you to earn fragments of bitcoin (satoshi) by mainly solving captchas but not always. You will basically need to click on a button to generate a random number and then you will get some satoshis in function of the result. You can most of the time claim your satoshis every hour or every x minutes depending on the faucet policy. Some offers several others options to win more with a lottery and games like Hi-Lo to multiply your earnings. These sites generally contains lots of advertisement and popup windows in order to pay you.

What is a Bitcoin browser miner?

Answer: Generally speaking, to mine bitcoins you would need super powerful computers to earn a lot but it will cost a lot of material and energy. There are now new sites that offer you the possibility to mine with your internet browser. That’s right! You don’t need to buy anything, you will mine while browsing the web. How it works? Well, in order to be able to mine, the program use a part of your computer CPU. You can generally set yourself how much CPU power you want to use to mine. It is recommended to not use 100% of the CPU all the time if you don’t want your computer, laptop to be out of order.

What is a Bitcoin PTC?

Answer: PTC is the abbreviation for Paid-to-Click. You get paid by clicking and viewing ads during x amount of seconds. Usually the reward per click goes from 0.001 to 0.01 and more. These sites give you the option to upgrade your membership in order to earn more. You can also rent referrals or recruit new referrals to boost your earnings.

What is a micropayment service?

Answer: Cryptocurrency micropayment service is used to collect the payments your receive from faucets or any others websites. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount required by the micropayment service, you can transfer the funds to your bitcoin wallets. This can save you extra fees and is very convenient.

What are offerwalls?

Answer: Offer walls are one of the best ways to earn a lot of bitcoins. Basically, you get pay for doing a task. For example, you can get paid to register to a website, install an app, watch a video or even by completing surveys.

What are Paid-to-Surf websites?

Answer: Well, like the name says, you get paid to surf. Meaning you get paid to visit websites during few seconds.

Can I get rich with these websites?

Answer: You certainly won’t be rich with these bitcoin websites but you can start earning bitcoins this way. By accumulating these fragments of bitcoin rewards, you can supplement your income and earn a few dollars. It also depends on your dedication. The more time you spend, the more you’ll earn. And if you want to really boost your earnings, you can recruit your friends.